Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Covina, 1940

It's amazing the things you can find on the 'net, even when you're not really looking for them. Case in point: this 1940 aerial view of Covina – my home town – 14 years before I was born there:

Originally uploaded by A Box of Pictures, and contributed by J. David Rogers. The full-res version of the photo is viewable here.

What's particularly amazing to me is that I can see the actual house I was born in in 1954. In the photo above, look at the lower left, second street up, you'll see a line of palm trees going from left to right. My birthplace is directly across the street from the sixth palm tree from the corner. Here is a closeup of the little house at 250 W. College St., Covina, California:

And even more incredible, I just found out that the doctor who delivered me is still alive! His name is Arthur F. Gore, M.D., he is now 96 years old, and he lives in Big Bear! Unbelievable! What a wonderful evening of discovery this has been.