Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Oldest House in Covina

In an earlier post, I told of my search for the oldest building in Covina. That turned out to be 111 N. Citrus. Constructed in 1885, it was one of the very first structures erected in pioneer-era Covina. Now, I'm fairly certain I've found the oldest house, too. It was built in 1887*.

Which house is it? I'm not going to tell! I'm going to let you find it yourself. :-) Click on the image below to go to the built:LA interactive property map.

Click on image to view map.
(You may have to use the Google Chrome web browser. The map does not appear to work properly in Firefox, alas.)

It can be a little difficult to locate things at first, because the streets are not labeled, but if you mouseover a particular property, it will show its address in a box in the upper left corner, and (in most cases) the year it was built.

On with the hunt! To see only those buildings that were constructed before 1910, first click on each of the colors in the timeline to black out everything, then click on the light blue rectangle at far left that says "-1909." That will highlight the oldest structures in light blue. Then mouseover each of those blue spots to find the year it was built. (It won't take long; there aren't very many of them.)

It's also interesting to click on the stopwatch to see all the buildings appear over time. The Covina we all know today suddenly explodes into existence in the 1950s!

After you find the oldest house in Covina, go explore the rest of the map! It's really quite fascinating. :-)

Unfortunately, the house that I previously speculated might be the oldest does not appear to exist anymore: the 1877 home of Thomas Griswold. It was said to still stand today on Covina Boulevard, but I checked along the full length of that street and could not find any structure that was built prior to 1893.

*There are actually two homes from 1887 within the Covina city limits, but only one of them still looks like a 19th century house. Unfortunately, the remodeled one just happens to be the oldest existing house located within the original Phillips Tract. Given that historical distinction, it's a real shame that it no longer looks anything like it must have when it was built.



  1. 1899- House 237 S 3RD AVE, COVINA
    Mr. Glenn Reed's great grandfather built the house. A model of the home can be seen in his video, Glen Reed: A Shared History Part 1 of 2.

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